More Old Favorites Series

The Brave Tin Soldier

After enduring some death-defying acts, a toy soldier is returned home by a friendly fish.


The Honest Lumberjack

This story provide a charming way to learn an important lesson.


How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin

The old cake-crumbs-under-the-skin routine is enough to give to give anyone wrinkles...especially a rhino.


The Farmer Who Found Happiness

An industrious couple finds happiness without the the aid of wishing ring.


The Lion and the Mouse

One good turn deserves another, a lion in distress finds out.


Ethnic Series


The Caterpillar and the Wild Animals

A harmless caterpillar frightens the wits out of some wild animals...until a frog hops along.  Africa


The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal

A Hindu priest is saved from the hungry clutches of a tiger by a most ingenious jackal.  India



A little girl made of snow spends a short, but happy time on this earth. Russia


It All Balances Out

A perceptive young man is not about to be fooled by a merchant who says mice eat iron.  India


The Two Frogs

Travel plans go awry when two frogs follow their eyes instead of their noses.  Japan




From the Storyteller's Knapsack - Part I



The Bremen Town Musicians

A donkey and his friends set out to find new careers and discover an even better life instead.


How Sun, Moon and Wind Went Out to Dinner

This imaginative tale from ancient India tells how some selfish children were punished and how it affects us to this very day.


The Mouse's Wedding

Andersen gives us this charming story of a little boy who is magically transformed so that he can attend a very special occasion.


Androcles and the Lion

This is Apion's famous fable of a slave who befriends a lion and is greatly rewarded.


The North Wind and the Sun

Aesop gives us another lesson in a humorous way - that persuasion is better than force.




From the Storyteller's Knapsack - Part II


The Price is High

Clever Spider earns a most prestigious honor in this African tale.


How the Camel Got His Hump

Kipling's way with words has us entranced once again with his explanation of the camel's condition.


The Proud Rooster

One kind deed deserves another, this fowl finds out.


The Hare and the Tortoise

This is the well-known fable first told by Aesop.


Injun Summer

John McCucheon's homespun story will become a fall tradition at your library.





While the following two series are aimed at an older audience, even the youngest set can learn much from the uncomplicated and informative style of these tapes. They are short, interesting and appealing to all ages, giving background on how and why we celebrate these special days.


Origins of Holidays

  • Valentine's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • Columbus Day

  • Halloween

  • Hanukkah

Holidays in America

  • Groundhog Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Flag Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

More Holidays in America

  • New Years Day

  • Lincoln's Birthday

  • Election Day

  • Veteran's Day

  • Thanksgiving



From the Storyteller's Knapsack - Part III  *


Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack's dubious proceeds from the sale of his cow turn out to worth more than their weight in gold!


The Shepherd's Boy and the Wolf

One of Aesop's most famous stories; this one teaches an important lesson about false calls for help.


Beauty and the Beast

This is an enchanting story about a lass who finds that what's on the inside matters the most.


The Bear and the Travelers

Aesop gives us another wonderful fable, this one about finding true friends.


Little Red Riding Hood

Granny gets some visitors and Red Riding Hood gets a surprise!



From the Storyteller's Knapsack - Part IV



A mean witch causes a beautiful young lady and her handsome suitor a few "hairy" problems.


The Crow and the Pitcher

Aesop introduces us to a most resourceful and persistent crow.


Puss in Boots

An inherited cat cleverly proves his merit to his master.


The Fox and the Grapes

A fox convinces himself of the inferior quality of some grapes that are unattainable.


The Three Little Pigs

Some hard work by an industrious pig changes the dinner menu from pork cutlets to wolf stew.




Rhyme Tyme



The Village Blacksmith

Longfellow's famous poem comes to life in this fine reading.


Favorites by Field

"The Sugar Plum Tree" and "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" continue to be favorites of young and old.


Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose gave us her list of favorite rhymes, which we present to you.


From Stevenson's Garden

We plucked the best blossoms for your patrons.


Goops and Others

Gelett Burgess and Eugene Field entertain us with wise words and funny phrases.




Zeus on the Loose



This brief introduction tells of the creation of Mother Earth, Father Sky and their many offspring.


The Titans

Children of Mother Earth and Father Sky, the Titans were a warring group who produced some strong leaders.


Life on Mount Olympus

The Olympians, the major "gods" and "goddesses" who ruled the heavens and the earth, are introduced in this story.


Promethenus and his Great Gift

The precious gift of fire is a given to the newly created man, causing much suffering and anguish to Prometheus.


Punishment: Pandora

Mankind pays dearly for its precious gift of fire.




Crossing the Rainbow Bridge



The Norse conception of the creation of the world is presented in this story.


Yggdrasil, World Tree

Odin's tree helped create order in a brand new world.


Life in Asgard

The "gods" and "goddesses" lived in the mountain top city in their palaces of silver and gold, controlling the earth beneath them and the sky above them.


Norse "Gods"

Presented here are many of the "gods" and "goddesses" who are prominent in Norse myths.


Loki, the Evil One

Chief mischief-maker of heaven and earth, Loki inadvertently brings good to Asgard.




Lessons Learned


The Miller, his Son, and the Donkey

Aesop's funny-sad fable of a man who tries to please all, and pleases none.


Rhyming Fables

India gives us "The Poor Man and the Flask of Oil" about a man who counts his chickens before they hatch; the modern "The Blind Man and the Elephant" tells us that even half right is all wrong.  Both are in verse.


The Heron

This beautifully told fable by Aesop proves that often less is better than nothing.


Frau Holle

The Grimms' Frau Holle teaches an important lesson to a lazy girl and her greedy mother.


The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor should have learned a valuable lesson after a most embarrassing event.  Did he?




For the Fun of It



Teeny Tiny

Joseph Jacob's repetitive tale of a small lady's adventure is a special favorite of teeny tiny audiences.


The Night Before Christmas

A genuine classic, Clement Clark Moore's delightful verse is a tradition well worth continuing.


The Pancake

This Scandinavian tale tells of a pancake who cleverly escapes many, other to meet his end by one more clever.


The Straw, the Coal, and the Bean

The Grimm Brothers spin yet another yarn of the friendship of three rather unlikely acquaintances.


Why Foxy Fox has a Fancy Tail

Here is a Norwegian tale of a very bad fox.