The Ants and the Grasshopper

A carefree grasshopper chides the ants for working so hard in the hot summer, then finds himself out in the cold.


The Donkey in the Lion's Skin

Wearing a lion's skin does not a lion make, the donkey finds out.


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

A plain mouse learns that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.


The Buckwheat

Here's an unusual POURQUOI tale about the buckwheat plant (fun display item idea: grow some buckwheat in a pot in the library.


The Ugly Duckling

This beautifully told tale is the story of a misfit who turns into a princely swan.



Tiny Thumbelina has many adventures in a world of people many times her size.


Five Peas in the Pod

Each pea has a mission, one more important than the rest.


Thick-Headed Jack

A rather simple boy shows that he's really quite clever.


The Fox and the Rooster

A smart fox gets out-smarted by a smarter rooster.


Henny Penny

A sharp fox capitalizes on a chicken's bump on the head.


The Pied Piper

A town learns too late that a piper should be paid for his talents.


Tom Tit Tot

Shadings of Rumpelstiltskin make this a memorable story.


Billy Goats Groff

An ugly troll is all that stands between three billy goats and a grassy hillside.


Why the Sea is Salty

A delightful POURQUOI story of the salt in the sea.


The Caterpillar's Surprise *

The happy spring story of a caterpillar's awareness of the bright new world around him.


The Legend of the Dipper

A kind little girl brings water to her dry country and the big dipper to the sky.


Old Man Rabbit's Thanksgiving Dinner *

Sharing is made another aspect of Thanksgiving.


The Visit to Santa Claus Land *

Two children visit Santa's workshop - in their dreams.


The Golden Touch

A happy King Midas gains a new insight on life.


Jack Hannaford

An old soldier outwits two very gullible people.  The Pueblo Indians tell these stories about the gullible coyote and his misadventures.


The Coyote and the Bear

The coyote learns a lesson about farming.


The Coyote and the Blackbirds

The coyote gets tricked by the cunning blackbirds.


The Coyote and the Fox

A wily fox gets the best of a coyote who is about to have the little fox for supper.


The Coyote and the Woodpecker

The vain coyote family tries to get even with the Woodpecker family - at great pain to the coyotes.



A round bread makes a square meal for a clever fox.


Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar

Some foolish swaps leave Mr. Vinegar with nothing but a nagging wife.


My Own Self

A little boy learns - in a most unusual way - to mind his mother.


The Old Woman and Her Pig

Getting home is easier than it appears for an old woman who bought a pig.


Lazy Jack

A foolish boy is richly rewarded for being such a silly fellow.


The Story of the Three Bears

This is the original story of a little woman who disrupts the happy household of three bears.


The Goats in the Wheat Field

When all else fails to get the job done, ask a bee.


Sleeping Beauty

An enchanted princess is cast into a lengthy snooze, only to be awakened by a handsome prince charming.


George Washington and the Cherry Tree *

A retelling of the famed childhood incident.


Little Ida's Flowers

One of Anderson's first, this story is the beautiful tale of flowers after they wilt.


The Race of the Tales

Once again the coyote is outsmarted by a rabbit and his brothers.


The Cat and the Parrot

An over-hungry cat finally eats something that disagrees with him.



The Indian story of why mankind got fire.


The Golden Cobwebs

This is a delightful Christmas story about the spiders who spun cobwebs all over a Christmas tree and the king who turned them into gold.


The Piglet Brother

An untidy little boy becomes neat and clean in this unique story.



A charming story about a little bunny who decides that mama knows best.


The Rat Princess

This warm Japanese folk tale tells of the Rat King who wanted his daughter to marry the best man.



This is a tale from Scotland about a sheep dog who does wonderful things.


The Country Cat

Here is another POURQUOI story postulating why cats chase mice.


The Unhappy Chickens

Some greedy chickens find that life requires both give and take.


The Stars in the Sky

A little girl goes on a magical trip in search of the stars in the sky.


The Princess and the Pea

A young prince, in search of a real princess for a wife, finds one in a most unusual way.


The Elves and the Shoemaker *

Elves help an old shoemaker through the busy Christmas season and are rewarded with a special surprise.


Why the Evergreen Trees Keep Their Leaves in the Winter *

This is an endearing POURQUOI  story about a little bird who was harbored all winter by the kindly conifers.


Snowball's Christmas Eve  *

A tiny white kitten helps Santa make his Christmas Eve run, which turns out to be quite an experience.


The Tiny Little Hero

A Dutch lad saves his community by plugging a hole in the dike with his finger.


The Hole in the Closet

Mrs. Mouse tells of the trials and tribulations of having a hole in the closet.


George Washington and the Colt *

Young George learns a lesson of life, which is just as applicable today.


* Holiday and Seasonal Stories