Thank you for your interest in .  We are pleased to be in our 25th year of providing libraries the ability to offer a full-time "storyteller."

We sell a complete system, consisting of a telephone answering device, a set of 52 cassette story tapes, and a promotional packet to help you involve your community in .

Our stories are time-honored tales that are beautifully told and always have a "hook" at the end inviting the listener to come to the library.  We have many other titles (over 75) which make nice additions to your initial collection.  They are copyrighted, so they may freely be played over the telephone.

is a program that enables children and adults to dial their local library from any telephone and listen to taped stories.   is a 'round the clock storyteller!

is a hard-working, patron-pleasing public outreach program that will be a hit in your community.

is a terrific public outreach tool.  It works 24/7,  telling stories and inviting people of all ages into the wonderful world of the Library.

Need ideas to keep in the public ear?  Our promotional packet has lots of fun ways to generate involvement in ... and ultimately, the Library.  And that's how this all began.  It was a philanthropic project to get children into the library and READING!

Thank you again for your interest in !  We hope to hear from you soon!